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Understanding your business is what drives ours.

Whether your business is in road, rail, air, or firmly on the ground, we understand your challenges and we
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With thousands of installations over 45 years in business, ECR have never failed on a delivery.

About Us

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We help our clients manage EPoS and ticketing in every environment, with our user-friendly cloud-based and mobile solutions.

At ECR we design and develop innovative mobile and fixed Mobile Point of Sale Device Systems solutions. One of the longest established companies in our field, we have been deploying systems for over four decades across retail, transport, hospitality, ticketing, and leisure.

Everything we do is produced in-house and managed by our teams in Hertfordshire.

We specialize in making systems work for our clients, applying industry knowledge with highly skilled development capability. Every system is fully PCI compliant and highly secure.

Our solutions operate reliably and efficiently in both offline and online environments and we provide a range of robust hardware solutions for every possible requirement in industries like transport ticketing, attractions and tourism, rail, airlines, health & leisure and retirement villages.

Mobile Point of Sale Device Systems Solutions

We help our clients understand their customers, and deliver convenience, value, and choice at every touchpoint.
Our clients grow revenue and benefit from our full end-to-end solutions.
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Fully ITSO approved and EMV 1 & 2 certified

We are reliable

In over 47 years we have never failed on a delivery.

We are innovative

With our own design and development both in software and hardware. Everything we do is unique.

We are online

We go a long way beyond just MPoS, we also offer online ordering, ticketing, booking apps etc...

We are offline

When on the move, sometimes connectivity just isn't always possible. We have it covered.

World's first mobile phone is made.

ECR Founded 1973

First-ever Mobile Phone System.

Taylors of Bond Street 1978

Britain's first Astronaut launches into space.

David Lloyd Leisure 1991

Harry Potter first published.

Shakespear's Globe 1997

UK card expenditure exceeds cash for the first time ever.

NAAFI Iraq 2004

More than 70% of inbound visitors reach the UK by air.

Big Bus Dubai 2009

Tour de France starts in Leeds

Paris Mayor's Office 2014

Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch.

National Express 2015

Auckland Explorer, NZ Air Serbia

Auckland Explorer 2017

Air Malta, OBB, Bournemouth Borough Council

Air Malta 2018

DoN Catering,Stagecoach, David Lloyd Europe

ECR Expansion 2019

New £20 note released in the UK.

AirPoS on Android 2020

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    ECR founded

    World's first mobile phone is made.

    Taylors of Bond Street

    First-ever Cellular Mobile Phone System.

    david lloyd clubs
    David Lloyd Leisure

    Britain's first Astronaut launches into space... she was a female.

    shakespear's globe
    Shakespeare's Globe

    Harry Potter first published.

    First mobile solution for NAAFI Iraq

    UK card expenditure exceeds cash for the first time ever.

    Big Bus Dubai

    More than 70% of inbound visitors reach the UK by air.

    Paris Mayor's Office

    Tour de France starts in Leeds.

    national express logo
    National Express

    Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest reigning monarch in British history.

    Auckland Explorer & NZ Air Serbia

    Brits now spend on average £676 a year on coffee, more than ever before.

    Air Malta, OBB Austria, Bournemouth Borough Council

    The world's oldest cheese is discovered in an Egyptian tomb.

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    DoN Catering, Stagecoach

    David Lloyd upgrade across Europe. ECR Vietnam established.

    bournemouth logo

    Bournemouth microsite go live, new ferry client. AirPoS on Android

    Scottish Canals

    Over 3 million visitors each year, Scottish Canals required a modern, flexible system to enhance visitor experience. ECR was awarded the contract.


    MaaS Solutions

    ECR’s HopOn Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution delivers a broad range of tools including branded apps, journey planning, mobile payments, detailed analytics, on-demand and pre-scheduled transit. Covering any type of transport offering, across any number of operators, our platform is unsurpassed in its flexibility and performance.

    Allow your passengers to manage their entire journey exactly how they want to. Increase efficiency, and encourage use of public transport and environmentally sounder travel.

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    Case Studies

    ECR works in partnership providing Mobile Point of Sale Device Systems Solution with over 100 leading transport agencies and operators across eleven countries around the globe.