ECR have a mature solution that is designed for ease of use to both customer and crew alike. In live deployment with customers across Europe, notably across the OBB rail network and spanning 7 countries, plus for David Lloyd Leisure, National Express, Bournemouth Borough Council to name but a few.

ECR’s very latest app offering can be entirely personalised to your requirements, such as branding, customer profiles, preferred venues and locations. Design and content are easily managed via the back office using a simple, user-friendly interface (for example, visual drag and drop changeability, simple image upload, colouring, position and sizing to reflect popular items or categories…), most recently deployed by Bournemouth Borough Council. If a customer is seated at an event or on a train and would like to place an order for items such as food and beverages, they can browse, order and even pay directly from the application enabling the attendant to accept (confirming to the customer), then drop off the purchases to them. Products are automatically deducted from stock ensuring that levels remain accurate in real time. Furthermore, if the customer would like to pre-order food, they can do so as the solution is designed for both pre-ordering and at-seat ordering.

Your customers can place orders directly from a smart phone or mobile device with an easy to use menu built into the app. Simple flows let customers place repeat orders in just three clicks, or interactively explore the menu. The system identifies product details and any allergens in an easy to recognise format. Real-time management enables the client to plan customer incentives, show destination-specific menus, and have full control over how and when guests interact with your menus. We shape your solution shaped around your business, however that looks.

The ECR Ordering App allows you to instantly send messages to your customers, offers, new menu items or simply the latest news. Choose event-specific messages to reach customers in particular seats and tempt back customers who haven’t bought for a while, with a targeted offer. Loyalty schemes are both easy to manage and support.

Easy and enjoyable for customers to use, meaning it will be used multiple times leading to more orders. With branding integral to your software, it will help you stand out and enhance your offering. Your customers can access your unique, branded mobile ordering platform in seconds to select their choice of food and drink, preventing the chaos of queuing in the main foyer and keeping waiting times to a minimum. Even if you don’t provide delivery, you can be in control of order collection points to minimise overcrowding and enforce social distancing.

Choose the services, special offers, side orders or events you would like your customers to see through order suggestions. ECR’s cloud-based software facilitates simple management of your menu offering by your staff and can be modified to include daily updates and offers. Returning customers can enjoy the convenience of saved preferences. They will have the option to sign into their own account.

An additional advantage of ECR integration is that customers always get a real-time view of your stock and menu availability, integration also means that you can publish site-specific meal deals, offers and event/ ticket information. ECR has built its business upon a culture of providing human support to develop the most flexible solutions.

  1. The three options are: ‘pre-order‘, ‘in-venue table / seat order‘ and ‘in-venue pre-order.‘ This will depend on your venue.
  2. The delivery of the solution varies according to the location in which it is deployed. ECR can facilitate multiple delivery zones and/or point customers to a collection point (e.g. The bar).
  3. Your customers connect instantly, just like a traditional website via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. However, now they can download the app on IOS and Android.

The reporting suite that is provided with every ECR solution and is fundamental and high performing part of the entire solution. Almost any aspect of your operation and any criteria can be reported on with data being captured down to every key stroke in many areas.