Kings Langley, 20th Feb 2020

Staff at ECR Head Office are once again delighted to welcome members of our development team on their latest visit to the UK. Huy, The and Trinh have travelled from ECR Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh to work together with British counterparts on some exciting new development projects and planning. 

In spite of the simultaneous arrival of a rather less welcome Storm Denis this weekend – a stark contrast to 30 degrees and sunny weather in Vietnam today – our guests are still smiling and bringing some sunshine with them into the office!

To date, the Vietnamese development team have produced some of ECR’s most innovative new ticketing solutions and are set to continue to build on this throughout 2020. With more new projects in the pipeline than in any previous year and welcoming our first clients operating onboard boats this spring, the company continues to expand its footprint in the mobile retail and ticketing markets.