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Looking for an-on-board MPoS solution developed exclusively for TOCs?
Look on futher...

We have developed bespoke solutions for TOCs including LNER, GWR, Abellio Scotrail, Irish Rail, SNCF, OBB to name only a few. RailPoS, running on the unique Go2 all in one handheld terminals, offers a proven and streamlined solution for the very best in onboard retail, stock control and logistics, crew management, and ticketing.

Our shared values drive your success.


At ECR we pride ourselves on our expertise in rail-specific Point of Sale solutions. Since 2005, we have designed, developed and installed systems onboard trains and have become leaders in this field.

Today we provide rail-specific RailPoS systems to TOCs throughout the UK, Ireland, Austria and across mainland Europe, and have installed onboard GWR, Irish Rail, LNER (formerly Virgin Trains East Coast), ÖBB (Austria), East Midlands Trains, Grand Central, Transpennine Express,  Northern Irish Railways, SNCF, to name but a few.

We truly understand the intricacies of delivering specific stock to the correct train and stock location onboard, at the correct time and place, as well as the challenges surrounding the onboard sales operation as a whole.

RailPoS is entirely designed and developed in-house at ECR. From intuitive, at-a-glance sales screens, to simple ordering and stock management, it facilitates the crew role at every stage. We know how vital it is to maintain accurate stock data at every transfer point, and every sale, wastage and stock movement throughout the cycle of each and every train.

We work with logistics suppliers, integrating with third-party systems, using live departure data, crew schedules, and all relevant data that drives your business, to deliver a smooth running solution. The end result – closing any gaps in the stock and cash management process, total visibility over onboard operations and, of course, happy and satisfied customers and crews!

Your back office will present users with a clear view covering everything from stock, products, deliveries, sales and crew users, to estate management, cashiers’ functionality, messaging, menu and pricing, and of course, reporting.


Would you like to offer your passengers:

– Online and app ticketing. via an intuitive, well-designed app

– Their choice of payment type – card, cash, voucher, contactless, mobile wallet, apple pay etc

– Tailored offers and combined tickets

– Loyalty rewards and incentives

– Up to the minute route information



Do you need:

– Reliability

– Anti-fraud & instant validation

– Inbuilt quick printing

– Crew messaging

– Real-time monitoring

– Web bookings and passenger app?


Head Office

Does your system deliver:

– Full visibility of all live and historical activity

– Instant communication with users

– Extensive & automated tailored reporting

– Permissions-based access and control

– Total control overall, products, pricing, screens & appearance…?

Head Office

The Go2 All-In-One Handheld Terminal – Totally Unique,
Exclusive To ECR

At ECR we value simplicity as a fundamental principal in all the systems that we provide, closely linked to reliability.

This is a driving factor in our choice of hardware and why we believe the choice of an all-in-one device is so important.

Have you experienced difficulties with:

Unreliable card payments

Bluetooth connectivity

Pairing devices, charging and managing multi-device solutions

Poor mobile network hampering card transactions

The Go2 all-in-one makes all this a thing of the past with one, simple, sleek device.


Next generation EPoS NOW!

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