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Bringing you greater visibility and control in real time, ensuring the greatest flexibility and value. TicketPoS is proven to grow revenue and suport the widest variety of ticketing operations from visitor management to transport, attractions to parking.

Expectations of passengers have changed drastically in recent years. Today’s customers are no longer happy with resigning themselves to a mediocre service, they want an experience that’s personal to them, making them feel important to your business and thus increasing their loyalty to you.


Would you like to offer your passengers:

– Online and app ticketing. via an intuitive, well-designed app

– Their choice of payment type – card, cash, voucher, contactless, mobile wallet, apple pay etc

– Tailored offers and combined tickets

– Loyalty rewards and incentives

– Up to the minute route information



Do you need:

– Reliability

– Anti-fraud & instant validation

– Inbuilt quick printing

– Crew messaging

– Real-time monitoring

– Web bookings and passenger app?


Head Office

Does your system deliver:

– Full visibility of all live and historical activity

– Instant communication with users

– Extensive & automated tailored reporting

– Permissions-based access and control

– Total control overall, products, pricing, screens & appearance…?

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Why Choose ECR?
  • We are professional

    ECR's world leading ticketing solutions simplify every stage of the process, making it faster and easier for your business to deliver the best customer and user experience

  • We are diverse

    We offer a wealth of expertise across all areas of the transport, retail and leisure sectors, making sure that every aspect of what we do enhances customer.

  • We are innovation

    Handling millions of transactions a day across multiple locations, currencies and languages, our unique all-in-one handheld Go2 terminal, designed and developed in-house in the UK

Simplicity. Intuitive, user friendly, software = minimal training required

Maximise revenue with faster transaction times & upselling

Increasing customer satisfaction and spend, at-seat ordering & mobile wallet

Lightweight, contactless all-in-one with inbuilt printer, scanner and card reader

Easy stock control, rapid counting, faster selling, logistics, waste reduction

Cloud-based, TicketPoS can be accessed via any device with online connectivity.

The importance of reporting cannot be underestimated. With a full Flexmonster reporting suite as standard you will have access to over 300 reports.

At head office, you’ll have full visibility of all live and historical operations, as well as communication to each individual user, tracked by their unique login and password. Every action on the device is recorded down to each key stroke

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